Monday, March 12, 2012

Valdani Floss

The colors of Valdani Floss have intrigued me for a long time. I usually use 6 strands of floss for my needle punch projects. The skeleton needle punch project I am working on has caused me some issues. The 6 strands of floss sometimes wants to hang up in my medium tip for the cameo punch needle I use. This frustration along with the long standing desire to try Valdani floss  prompted me to go ahead and order the 3 strand floss. I also like the idea that there are lots of yards on the ball cone. I love some of the creations I have seen from using this 3 strand floss. I have found that in rug hooking a #5 count will give me much greater detail then the normal primitive cut of #8 or #6 that I usually use. So I am expecting to have the same happen with needle punch. I am trying to find the perfect colors and floss for my witches boot series of needle punch patterns. I may try the 6 strand Valdani but will see how I like the 3 strand first. 

Often we wonder what people are talking about when they mention # cuts in rug hooking

Here is a chart that explains the cutter head sizes for rug hooking.
No. 2 cuts 6 strips 2/32" wide
No. 3 cuts 6 strips 3/32" wide
No. 4 cuts 4 strips 4/32" wide
No. 5 cuts 3 strips 5/32" wide
No. 6 cuts 3 strips 6/32" wide
No. 7 cuts 2 strips 7/32" wide
No. 8 cuts 2 strips 8/32" wide

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