Sunday, March 4, 2012


It looks like we may get our wish to be in Colorado for the summer months. We love to be on our property for the summer months. Watching all the wildlife and just soaking up the quiet. Plus the added bonus of seeing family!!!! Our new job here in Texas should allow us to take the summer off of working. Time for creating over the last year has been very limited due to all of our fun adventures working. Last summer we were working outside of Yellowstone park not far from West Yellowstone. So we played in the park on our two days off a week. Working in distribution for Christmas Trees in Arizona is how we spent the fall and Christmas seasons. This is a very busy season as it starts with the selling of pumpkins for Halloween.
The job we are at now might provide some time for creating once we get all settled in. It is a 24/7 job and we are trying to work out our schedule to cover the hours. We are gate keepers for one of the drill sights in Texas. I have mixed feelings about this but alas we need to work. I also have mixed feeling about selling Christmas trees. But again I need the work and I am glad for it.  
If you are in Colorado and would like to touch bases with me this summer contact me. 
I would be happy to teach dimensional rug hooking.
 Also would like to hook up with fellow rug hookers never Pueblo or Canyon City. Our property is not far from the little town of Westcliffe.

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