Saturday, February 26, 2011

Punky Pumpkin Girl

Punky Pumpkin Girl 

Often you will find me creating three dimensional creations from what most people think of as one dimension art forms. Punky Pumpkin Girl is holding a little Lumina jack-o-lantern in her arms. The spider on her dress stands out even more with embroidery stitched long legs. Notice the fun red and white striped stockings on her legs. This OOAK creation is 5 ½” tall and she is weighted. Punky Pumpkin Girl was needle punched in over dyed six strand floss. As you can see from the two photos she is needle punched on both sides and is a free standing doll. This is the third in a series of Needle Punched little dolls that I am creating. This would be the perfect addition to your Halloween collectibles.
Pumpkin Girl can be purchased for $49.00 free shipping to the USA

Email me for purchase.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

♥ Sneak Peek Dimensional Rabbit ♥

I like to take photos of works in progress as you see things from a different point of view this way. It is also good to hold the project up in front of a mirror to see a different perspective. 
This is my Dimensional Rug Hooked Rabbit in progress. 
As you can see the apron on the one side doesn't match so this showed me that I need to add more purple to the one side. This has been a fun project. She is over 14" tall. 
Stay tuned for more... on this primitive Dimensional Rabbit. 

This is a copy righted original design from me JoEllen of BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dimensional Rabbit Doll

This week I am trying my hand at a standing Dimensional Rabbit Girl Doll. She is over a foot tall. She will probably have a basket in her arms full of eggs. We will see.
I almost have the front part hooked on this Rabbit. 
I will probably put this up for direct purchase 
The Prims Nest 

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tip Using A Rug Hooked Frame for Needle Punch

 Tip Using A Rug Hooked Frame for Needle Punch

I use my rug hooking frame for keeping my fabric tight for punch needle projects. Most fiber artists use Weavers Cloth for their needle punch projects. The cost of this fabric can get pricey. My tip of the day is to sew the Weavers cloth into another piece of fabric. You can pick up fabric at yard sales or the sales fabric at fabric stores. You can reuse this over and over. 

Just cut a piece of your inexpensive fabric large enough to fit on your frame and large enough to go around your needle punch piece. Fold the outer edge under and sew to keep the outer edge from fraying. The with a pencil and ruler draw out a section in the center that is a little smaller then the outer edge of your weavers cloth. Then cut this center section out. Kind of like a picture frame goes around a picture. Pin your weavers cloth to the outer fabric and sew your weavers cloth into the opening. 

When you are done punching your piece just cut out close to where you sewed the weavers cloth to the other fabric. 

Reuse this outer picture frame fabric over and over again.

To keep the weavers cloth from fraying around the edge and getting into your needle punch project while working it just fold under the edge and sew before you attach it to the outer fabric.
I have not found this to be much of a problem so I do not do this step. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

A fun Tutorial From Betty

Primitivebettys is a great blog from my friend Betty. 

You will love this fun Primitive needle punch tutorial!

Click on title of post to head there.
Thanks Betty

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Witches Boot Flying Witch

Halloween Queens Bootique Offering for February

Hang this fun Witches Boot up anywhere a great piece to add to your Halloween collection.  Primitive Needle Punch at it's finest in this new Halloween Flying Witch design.
Miss Batilda is flying around in the gold and orange sky wondering "Witch Way" to go. She is pondering whether she should go east or west? That fun black cat seems to be trying to scare her with his words BOO or maybe he is trying to help her decide “Witch Way” to go.
This is an original design and is my third in a series of primitive Halloween designs that I am creating. This Witches boot is 8" tall and 6” wide. Needle punched on weaver’s cloth with a fun fall palette of colors. I used mainly antiqued DMC floss in the punching of this boot. The backside of the boot is black wool hand sewn to the front. This witch's boot has been stuffed with fiberfill with mustard and maroon pip berries coming out of the top. Did you notice the three rusty tin bells that embellish this boot? The hanger is jute.

Special orders being taken cost would be $65.00 with free shipping


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