Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tip Using A Rug Hooked Frame for Needle Punch

 Tip Using A Rug Hooked Frame for Needle Punch

I use my rug hooking frame for keeping my fabric tight for punch needle projects. Most fiber artists use Weavers Cloth for their needle punch projects. The cost of this fabric can get pricey. My tip of the day is to sew the Weavers cloth into another piece of fabric. You can pick up fabric at yard sales or the sales fabric at fabric stores. You can reuse this over and over. 

Just cut a piece of your inexpensive fabric large enough to fit on your frame and large enough to go around your needle punch piece. Fold the outer edge under and sew to keep the outer edge from fraying. The with a pencil and ruler draw out a section in the center that is a little smaller then the outer edge of your weavers cloth. Then cut this center section out. Kind of like a picture frame goes around a picture. Pin your weavers cloth to the outer fabric and sew your weavers cloth into the opening. 

When you are done punching your piece just cut out close to where you sewed the weavers cloth to the other fabric. 

Reuse this outer picture frame fabric over and over again.

To keep the weavers cloth from fraying around the edge and getting into your needle punch project while working it just fold under the edge and sew before you attach it to the outer fabric.
I have not found this to be much of a problem so I do not do this step. 

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Anonymous said...

Great tip, I see rug hookers doing this as well.


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