Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rug Hooked Windy Santa

Rug hooked Free Standing Windy Santa.

This wonderful One of a Kind Rug Hooked Santa Doll stands almost 15" tall and is 8" wide at the widest point. He is hooked using wool strips that are One Eighth inch wide. This #6 cut of wool has given me the wonderful array of color in this Santa. All the wool used is quality 100% wool much of it hand dyed by me. Windy Santa is hooked in rich earth tone reds and greens in his toy sack. The snow at his feet is wonderful wool from Rebbeca Erb of the wool studio. This wool makes a great base color for this Santa. Windy Santa's beard and mustache are hooked with mohair. Did you notice the handle bars of his mustache? I have weighted the bottom of this Santa so it can stand well on it's own.


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