Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hairless Linen for Dimensional Rug Hooking

Hairless Linen will work with dimensional rug hooking.

Things to keep in mind.
There is not as much give in linen. This can be a plus and a minus.

My experiment was with a #6 cut. When using Linen for a dimensional piece you will find that you do not have to hook in every hole. In fact at times I found it hard to hook as close as I thought I should be. Packing your loops in a 3-d stuffable dimensional piece is a must.

I did like that the cut ends did not seem to unravel as much as monks cloth does. Thus not as many threads hanging out as you sew.

I think it was harder to assemble the piece I was working on. This I believe is due to the linen not stretching as much as monks cloth does.

Linen is easy to sew with a sewing machine. The sewing machine likes to pull the strand of the monks cloth some times.


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Cotton Eyed Jo said...

I hook with primitive linen, is this the same? It doesn't seem to shed, and isn't very stretchy, so I'm hoping so. Otherwise, where should we get our linen? Thanks, for doing this tutorial! Jo


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