Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tips for Dimensional Rug Hooking

Here are a few tips for dimensional rug hooking.
I will be adding to this list
  1. Hook tight. When you go to assemble a 3-d piece you will see the backing if you do not hook tight enough. In fact you will need to pack you loops. A no no in the rug hooking world.
  2. I suggest using a backing close to the same colors that you are using to hook your project. Like brown for my Indian Corn pattern.
  3. So far I prefer using monks cloth (the kind used for swedish weave, it is loosely woven) for my dimensional rug hooking. It is a bit stretchy which can be a bonus.
  4. You can leave the end pieces on your strips of wool (worms) on the under side if you want because they will be inside of your project. In fact my first patterns I suggested to do this.
  5. Try to use plump wool. Scroll down to the Easter Eggs. The very first photo shows some loops that do not lay right. I am sure when you look at the photo you will see which ones I am talking about. This wool was to thin. I am glad I left that Easter Egg that way because it shows what I am talking about very well.


danasmith said...

This is great! I attended a rug camp in Jacksonville,FL last month and saw lots of this done! Count me in as a regular here!
Dana in VA

BeFRuiTFuL said...

Thanks for visiting Dana.



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